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1. “Shrink Rap Radio” Interview

An interview with Dr. Dave (David Van Nuys, Ph.D.) of Shrink Rap Radio.

2. “It’s Your Health” Interview

Audio interview by Lisa Davis of KMBH

3. Interview with Ethan Nichtern

Part 1

Part 2

Nichtern is the Executive Director and senior teacher of the Interdependence Project.

4. Review from BellaOnline

by Lisa Erickson, BellaOnline’s Buddhism editor

Both psychoanalysis/psychotherapy and Buddhism rely on our relational nature, on the relationship between analyst/analysand, and teacher/student, for insights to surface and be processed. Of course, within Buddhist schools, this relationship is emphasized more in some traditions that in others, and Ms. Jennings' recognizes this, and compares her differing experiences within Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhism as an example.”

5. Review from The Empty Bell

by Robert A. Jonas, Ed.D.

Mixing Minds is a must-read for every teacher of Buddhism in America, and for psychologists and psychiatrists who want to understand their work through the lens of Buddhist spirituality...”

December 2010

Wisdom Publications

ISBN: 13-978-086171-616-6



6x9 inches, 280 pages

6. New York Journal of Books

by John L. Murphy, Ph.D.

Dr. Jennings emphasizes that no mature understanding of psychoanalysis or Buddhism can rely on facile summaries. Her study, grounded in theory but alighting on her everyday life, delves into both approaches...”

7. Blog

by Arnie Kozak, Ph.D.

Dr. Kozak interviewed Dr. Jennings about Mixing Minds.  The full audio recording of the interview can be heard here.

8. Dr. Jennings’ guest Blog on The Huffington Post

“Once considered esoteric by most Westerners, Buddhism and psychoanalysis have come to infiltrate much of contemporary culture...”

9. Publishers Weekly

  1. Picture of the Day

Dr. Jenning’s photo was chosen as Publishers Weekly Picture of the Day for their Tuesday, December 7 email newsletter.  The photo is a picture of Pilar during her recent book reading and signing at Tibet House in Manhattan (see below).



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